EE 4G Network

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Let’s face it, no one likes to be forced to wait on a super slow network. And though there are countless media companies out there in the UK, Ireland and abroad who all claim to have the fastest network speeds around, there is in fact only one company that actually boasts speeds that are upwards of 50% faster than the competition. That company is in fact none other than EE. In fact, since the company first launched 4GEE back in 2012, they have won the most UK industry network awards, including several others from many well-known companies as well.

When you do not have access to a fast network, you are simply sitting around wasting time and using up precious data that you pay for. So in other words, you are literally pouring money down the drain on painfully slow network speeds. Did you know that at present, a typical phone will utilized over 3.4 times more data than it in did back in 2012? And it seems that those speed are increasing all of the time With EE you can be sure to take advantage of their incredible 4GEE which currently boasts speeds of 30Mb/s; that is at least five times faster than the standard 3G network. And with their Double Speed 4GEE, which is at least two times as fast and grants you access of speeds up to 60Mb/s. And if that still is not fast enough for all your needs and desires, be sure to take advantage of EE’s newest 4G+, which is three times quicker than the standard 4GEE at boasts speeds of up to 90Mb/s. In other words, that is as close to getting Fibre Broadband on your mobile phone as you can get! And lest we forget, EE’s incredibly reliable 4G service also expands and covers over 95% of the population of the UK as well as Ireland, meaning that you can take advantage of these incredibly fast speeds, in more places than you may have anticipated! No more waiting, contact EE today.

EE customers both brand new, as well as long-term subscribers are all raving about how incredibly reliable and affordable the latest EE 4GEE network is for all of their needs. Regardless of what you may be seeking in terms of streaming music, downloading options, and the freedom to enjoy Snapchat and Netflix with all the annoying buffering, you can certainly find what you are after with the awesome EE 4GEE network! If you are interested in taking advantage of the incredible 4GEE network from EE, be sure to log on to their user-friendly website that is loaded with all the details, including pricing information to get you started. You can quickly sign up for new service or even update your old service with just a couple of clicks of your mouse. Or you can search for the closest EE store nearest to your home or office, by using the convenient Store Finder search tool! And if you have any questions, help and guidance be quickly obtained by way of finding all the EE contact information to get ahold of a friendly, knowledgeable Customer Care Representative!